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♥the stars will cry the blackest tears tonight...

...and this is the moment that i live for, i can smell the ocean air.

college girls are easier♥
10 February
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♥i love to live and live to love♥

i'm chelsea, and I'm a beautiful disaster.
when I look out over the ocean, I feel like myself.

underoath,thrice,mxpx,dashboard,frou frou,garden state,van wilder,closer,hearts,stars,my tattoo,inked,,greys anatomy,the shins, the dandy warhols,clothes,handbags,anything pink,tutus,flowers,the beach, tanning, makeup, mac, palm beach, lilly pulitzer, anthropologie, when harry met sally, will ferrell, dancing, concerts, dressing up, halloween, christmas,family guy,writing love letters, getting mail in my mailbox, baxter hall, anchorman,boys with lip rings,brightly colored tattoos,talking for hours,cuddling,making out,singing my heart out,playing guitar & piano,chanel,gucci,marc jacobs, christian louboutin, jimmy choo,manolo blahniks,pucci,prada,lacoste,nikki,d&g,saks,bergdorfs,barneys,magnolia bakery,boyfriends,blonde hair, emo boys,polo shirts,boat shoes,candles,hair products,jonathan antin,mally roncal, patrick dempsey,pumas,lipgloss,sephora,driving with the windows down, jamming out in my car, yo momma, seth cohen

liars.hypocrites.rascists.george w bush.right wing republicans.dry surfaces.boys who play with emotions. posers. fake handbags.being alone.tomatoes. Burberry. Crazy fucking christians. waiting.

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my favorite drink? vanilla latte. or a candy cosmo from miami.

my favorite song? "this year's love" -david gray

my favorite outfit? wifebeater and underwear. they're great to dance around in. especially when the neighbors watch.mmmm.